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sales team coaching

Your team needs this

An effective communications methodology. 

Without a consistent, repeatable way of starting conversations with buyers they're done!

Most sellers struggle to start conversations, faster, using digital tools. Because they don't have an effective communications technique when prospecting.

Most don't have an enjoyable, repeatable communications method to spark customers' curiosity in what they're selling.

Jeff's digital sales coaching is giving reps, dealers and IBOs an effective way to open more doors by:

  • attracting customers by sparking their curiosity;
  • engaging in a way that allows buyers to self-qualify;
  • setting appointments faster with only the most qualified buyers.

Jeff will give your sales team a communications technique that produces more appointments, faster, across all digital media.

Then he'll show them how to habitual-ize it ... to scale time and increase productivity.

What makes Spark Selling different

sales team coaching
Massood Zarribian CEO & Chairman
BA Insight

In just a few days, my team became more productive at prospecting. Everybody is enjoying doing it. Prospecting is not seen as a chore anymore. All thanks to Jeff’s methodology. My team is getting higher email open rates and more (and better quality) responses.

Immediate impact, not theory

The difference between getting appointments set and wasting time on digital is having an effective communications method.

Your team should listen, read and learn... but also ACT. They will be engaged in real world application. Jeff's curriculum is project-based. Your team will see results in weeks, if not days.  

Looking for an inside sales trainer? Jeff specializes in helping inside sales teams.


This effective door-opening communications methodology works with all current AND future digital selling platforms including:

  • LinkedIn
  • email / InMail mesages
  • blogs
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter, etc.
  • Call scripts

Sellers need to adapt. But not to change in technology. Change in "what works" with breaking through to decision-makers. Effective prospecting techniques are short-lived. When one script or approach doesn't work can your team switch to a second? Do they have a practical, flexible communications technique to lean on?

Jeff's coaching helps sellers form better communications habits that "feel natural" and help prospects self-qualify, quickly. These habits are based on success principles, allowing for adaptation over time.

Is your team pushing back?

Do your sellers feel they're being forced to perform pointless activities on social media—that do not help find, nurture or close faster?

Is there tension between sellers, sales leadership and marketing? Disagreement over what direction to take, why and how?

Both sides probably have valid points-of-view and goals. But each side's strengths are being lost in a cloud of negative feelings. This is often combining with:

  1. Pressure on the sales team to perform.
  2. Lack of focus on using social as part of a clearly defined, repeatable and productive PROCESS.

This is where Jeff can help. If it's the right fit for your team he will focus on:

  1. Revealing the process,
  2. proving its effectiveness (short stories featuring real people) and
  3. offering clear next steps to manifesting it at your organization.
sales team coaching
Brian Berlin Sales Director
Software Anywhere

Jeff gives me and my team confidence... the ability to know what other sellers are doing, how they are changing and improving results. He gives us a 360-degree view of effective sales communications practices, across multiple industries.

sales team coaching
David VeyKey Account Manager
Microsoft Corporation

I'm earning an 80% email reply rate from C-suite customers thanks to Jeff's technique. If you are in sales, service or marketing his methodology is highly effective.

The technique

Jeff's Spark Selling process is grounded in direct response marketing. These concepts may already be familiar to some on your sales & marketing teams. For example, sparking curiosity about the various solutions you offer ... by using a "less is more" approach to communicating ... attracts buyers to asking for more details.

It always has.

Most sellers are offering details "too much, too fast." Instead, an attraction-focused communications process helps buyers self-qualify/disqualify themselves. Just like on a first date. Reveal too much, too fast to a good prospect? You'll rarely get asked-out.

Are your marketers and sellers looking for a way to work better together—where social+content marketing can go beyond Likes, Followers, etc... attract, nurture and close faster? 

The promise

Beware: Knowing how to use digital/social media platforms is not enough to get more appointments set, faster, with potential buyers. Success depends on having a reliable, repeatable, flexible communications method that feels good to reps—because it works.

"If you/your team puts forth a reasonable effort I will help get more appointments set, faster, using LinkedIn, email, Twitter, blogs and more. You'll leave my coaching with better habits & materials (scripts, etc.) that work. 

Every dollar you invest is track-able to your/your team's appointment-setting and close rates."

sales team coaching

Sales Trainer | Inside Sales Speaker

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