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Spark new conversations from cold & re-ignite the old.

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  • Attend a writing workshop
  • STRENGTHEN your message
  • learn the spark Selling method

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Self paced, scientifically proven

Using email, phone, LinkedIn® & InMail®

Learn how to grab attention and provoke response.

  • Set Appointments, faster with qualified buyers.
  • Sequence messages so leads "self-qualify" themselves.
  • Provoke response from buyers based on your words.
  • Rely less on LinkedIn® InMail® as 'first-touch' tactic.

"Within a week of starting Jeff's sales prospecting course, I got a positive reply from an unresponsive prospect that I’d given up on.

By combining my own style with Jeff's provocations I'm also discovering how to engage prospects wherever they are in the buying cycle."

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Julie Cohen



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Jeff is showing sellers and small business owners how get more doors opened, faster, using digital tools. Using a better (enjoyable, repeatable) communications technique in email and other online messages is the key.

Jeff’s newsletter, ebooks, audio books and bound social selling books are guaranteed to help you create more appointments with buyers, faster.
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Jeff’s blogs, podcasts, videos and cold sales email writing Clinic will help you adopt an effective, repeatable sales prospecting strategy to generate qualified leads faster.


Jeff gives sales reps & small business owners an effective system to provoke more response to “first touch” messages. This helps you set more appointments faster. Learn online or bring Jeff to your location. His sales training programs coach step-by-step.

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