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Helping sellers spark more conversations.

Proven. Effective. Repeatable.

A communications methodology to provoke buyers curiosity.


How Molander Can Help


Jeff will teach your team a proven, 3-step communications method that creates appointments using LinkedIn, Google+, email, YouTube, Facebook and more.

A proven, repeatable, provocative communications process.

Jeff informs and entertains like no other speaker, combining pragmatism with evangelism.

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Team Coaching

Arm your sales reps, distributors or business owners with a communications process to consistently start conversations with buyers… using LinkedIn, email, Google+, Facebook, blogs, calls and more. 

Choose to learn online, bring Jeff to your location or combine.

Jeff’s sales prospecting training coaches step-by-step—guaranteeing more appointments in less time.

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Home Study

Learn an effective, repeatable communications technique at your own pace, on your schedule.

Jeff’s sales prospecting training helps front-line sellers, dealers, business owners and recruiters. His online coaching creates results in days.

All courses come with a satisfaction guarantee for digital sellers who are net to set more appointments, faster.

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sales prospecting training


Massood Zarrabian, CEO & Chairman
BA Insight

Today, my team is enjoying prospecting. It’s not seen as a chore anymore. They are much more productive thanks to Jeff’s communications technique. They’re receiving higher email open rates and more (and better quality) responses from buyers—in just a few days. 

Why most sales prospecting training fails

Because it doesn’t help sellers communicate in ways that sparks customers’ curiosity.

Molander helps you attract buyers with words using a repeatable process that:

1) Sparks buyers’ curiosity based on a pain, fear or goal.
2) Provokes buyers to act (become a lead).
3) Connects the discussion to what you sell.

This way prospects self-qualify or disqualify themselves.

The truth about 'social selling'

in less than 90 seconds


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sales prospecting training

sales prospecting coaching

sales prospecting training

sales prospecting training

sales prospecting coaching